Cakesterpiece Custom Cakes in Mississauga

My little guy loves that zany and lovable blue monster Grover, especially his wubba, wubba, wubba song. We all enjoy Grover’s dry sense of humour. For one of his many birthday parties my dad decreed that he should have a Grover cake, and my awesome aunt was tasked with finding the best business who could make this happen. She found the most incredible baker at Cakesterpiece in Mississauga, who made a stunning replica of sweet Grover in cake form. The baker’s attention to detail was remarkable, and they managed to create icing fur in the perfect shade of Grover blue. Grover was delicious.

grover cake

From your favorite Sesame Street character to a designer purse cake, these talented bakers can bring any cake design to life. To get a quote for your own custom cake or treats, send a DM to Cakesterpiece.

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