Eat My Words | Cupcakes in Toronto

Once for my birthday, two colleagues and two of the sweetest and most talented ladies I know (Candice Batista and Kim MacDonald) surprised me with one of the most visually stunning gifts I’ve ever received. They placed a turquoise hat box on my desk tied up with a pretty brown ribbon. I had no idea what it was and when I opened it, I actually gasped, like people do on TV. Not just because I was relieved it wasn’t a hat (they just don’t work with my hair) but inside the box were the most beautiful cupcakes I’d ever seen. They were from Eat My Words. It is no secret how much I love a good cupcake, and these were like little works of art, topped with butterflies and flowers. You could barely bring yourself to eat them, but when I did, they were light and sweet and airy, just like perfect cupcakes should be. When the girls told me that sweets from Eat My Words support the Stephen Lewis Foundation it made me love the gift about a million times more. Rosie 🙂

flowers-eatmywordsflowers-treats-cupcakes-eat-my-words (1)