Thunder in Our Hearts (and on our totes)

Last summer I was in Kensington Market poking through some produce when a girl reached past me to inspect a mango. Slung over her shoulder was a beige tote she was using for her groceries. Emblazoned across the bag were the words “There is Thunder in Our Hearts.” I was frozen for a second- did her bag have a line on it from one of my favourite songs EVER, ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush? It most certainly did. And before I could ask mango girl where she got it, she was gone! She just disappeared. It was sort of weird actually. I couldn’t stop thinking about that tote. I started to search, and wasn’t surprised in the least when I eventually discovered it was not only by a Canadian designer, but Toronto design duo Fieldguided. Figures, Canadian designers are so interesting and make such beautiful things. Rosie 🙂