Port Credit Memorial Park in Mississauga

Ok, this is not a Toronto park. But it’s so close, and so lovely, that I had to give it a shout-out despite the fact it is not in the 416. It’s in Port Credit (Mississauga) right across from the Port Credit Harbour. The playground is great and it has a really adorable miniature village. Now, I saw no kids remotely interested in the kiddie-sized model of Port Credit, but I still think it is the cutest thing:

What’s neat about the play area is the blue spongy ground which protects little knees from scrapes and bruises.

In 1967, part of this park was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Canada’s confederation. I have a thing for flags, and there is a lovely display of all the flags of the provinces and territories.

Port Credit Memorial Park is located by the lake in Mississauga at 32 Stavebank Rd. I love Port Credit, it has a good chilled-out vibe, and the waterfront is beautiful. Rosie 🙂

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