Caplansky’s Food Truck: NOW CLOSED

Caplansky’s Food Truck has permanently closed.

Toronto food trucks are awesome. I love finding them as much as eating from them. It’s like a way more delicious version of Where’s Waldo. I’m happy to go anywhere in the city for my faves, but it’s always a treat when @foodtrucksTO tweets that Caplansky’s truck is in the west end like it did yesterday, when it was on Ossington north of Queen:

You are going to eat good when the Bubby Doris rolls in. Caplansky’s smoked meat sandwiches ARE THE BEST! And of course I couldn’t resist these freshly made bacon doughnuts. Couldn’t resist three, actually.

Caplansky’s Delicatessen is on College if you aren’t in the mood to track down the truck!

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