Buster’s Sea Cove Food Truck

On Friday the Buster’s Sea Cove food truck was at Front and Bay. It’s a great lunch option if you like seafood or if you haven’t had a chance to eat at their location in the St. Lawrence Market, which has been a Market favourite for years and years. Buster’s is the first seafood food truck in Ontario.

I was moving slow on Friday so by the time I got there, the lobster rolls were sold out. I saw a few people have mini-meltdowns. One girl nearly fell off her bike in disappointment. It is disappointing, especially when the fish tacos are sold out as well. But that’s life in the big city people, you snooze you lose a lobster roll at Buster’s.

We were easily placated by the crab rolls. Buster’s seafood is really, really fresh.

Visit the Toronto Food Trucks website to find out where Buster’s, and all the other fun Toronto food trucks, are located any day of the week.

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  1. If you haven’t had the fish tacos at Buster’s Sea Cove, you simply haven’t lived!!! I am craving them right now!

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