Hawker Bar on Ossington: NOW CLOSED

After six years on Ossington, Hawker Bar closed in April 2018.

Pictures often speak louder than words. I think that is the case when describing the food at Hawker Bar. Let’s start with the son-in-law eggs.

I like dishes that require instruction- wait 15-20 seconds then eat the whole thing in one bite. It is said that Thai mothers prepare these eggs for their future son-in-laws as a warning of what fate could befall their family jewels if they are unfaithful husbands. No idea if this is true or not, but, eek. Those eggs get deep-fried. Behave fellas.

The curry pork satay was covered in a really fresh and flavourful peanut sauce:

Here is the laksa… OMFG. It was perfect. Rich, spicy and incredibly flavourful. I was dying to try Hawker’s laksa and it did not disappoint.

I have read complaints on foodie forums that Toronto’s first spot for Singapore-inspired street food isn’t authentic enough. Oh please. I have never eaten street food in Singapore but even if I had I wouldn’t be comparing; I like when restaurants give tradition a twist.

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