Melt Grilled Cheese on Lakeshore: NOW CLOSED

Aren’t you enjoying how grilled cheese sandwiches are trending in Toronto these days? I quite like that there are eateries entirely devoted to melting cheese between bread. The classic grilled cheese at Melt in Long Branch is crazy good. Here it is on asiago and red pepper bread. You can also add several free toppings but I kept it simple.

Melt is another yummy spot in Long Branch, a lovely part of Etobicoke which is home to my other guilty pleasure Ice Cream Junction. Look how happy the staff is, and why shouldn’t they be? They delight people all day long serving them insanely delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. And poutine. Everyone in this place is smiling.

You may have noticed in this pic a sign in the window advertising “Toonie Tuesday.” On Tuesdays, you can get Melt’s classic grilled cheese sandwich with Canadian cheddar for two bucks.

One response to “Melt Grilled Cheese on Lakeshore: NOW CLOSED”

  1. MELT finally opened in my neck of the woods(Oakviille) and it is delish. Had the roasted veg grilled cheese…YUM!

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