Little Burgundy Pop-Up at Sherway Gardens

A Little Burgundy has popped up at my very favourite mall, Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. It’s across from Michael Kors near Second Cup.

A fun addition. Little Burgundy has cute trendy shoes. What Sherway needs now is Zara and H&M (both preferably with the kids lines.) Forever 21 will be opening soon across from Dynamite, which is a good because Dynamite just doesn’t cut it as the only place in the mall to buy cute cheap clothes. Rosie 🙂

3 responses to “Little Burgundy Pop-Up at Sherway Gardens”

  1. I love the store! Hated the service! A girl with really bright lipstick was awful! She does not belong at that store! She really ruined my experience. Employee is shuguda. 🙁 awful service

  2. I had a bad experience the other day too. The girl was only willing to help look for my size if I wanted to buy it. How would I know if it fits when I can’t try it on? What if it didn’t fit properly? Awful service.

  3. Same here – she was slouched over the cash half the time and rolled her eyes if you finally got her attention to help you with a size.

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