Bacon Nation at the C.N.E. Food Building

We covered a lot of ground this year at the Ex but our first stop was the Food Building. And our first stop inside the Food Building was Bacon Nation. It’s new. Everybody’s talking about it. One could say the menu is trying to kill you. I say it’s just giving people what they want, like bacon-wrapped deep-fried Mars Bars, Nutella bacon sandwiches and bacon funnel cakes.

I had to try the deep-fried hotdog wrapped in BACON! I love how it’s sprinkled with bacon bits, in case you didn’t get the theme. Bacon. Goes. On. EVERYTHING.

Here are the baconators in action. Love the industrial size tubs of Nutella.

The Food Building is open every day from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, which runs until September 3rd.

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