Behind the Mics

I’ve been spending some afternoons co-hosting a podcast with an old friend from high school. Mike Boon runs the popular website and wanted to start a complementary podcast, and asked if I would bring my broadcasting experience to the project to help him get things off the ground. The podcast is hosted on the Humble and Fred Radio Network; here are some behind the scenes pics from the second episode which we recorded today at their studio on 30th Street in south Etobicoke.

Mike B. is on the left, and producer Mike W. is on the right. I can’t remember what they were singing but thankfully they got it out of their systems before the show started. It’s hard to keep a straight face around here, and the podcast is a riot. Mike, Mike and I chat about lots of funny stuff. Listen and tell us what you think! You can download it for free here on iTunes.

P.S. Special thanks to Alan (AKA FLuffee) for taking such great pics. Multi-talented!

One response to “Behind the Mics”

  1. Great pics! But the mess on that table would drive me insane. I’d never be able to find a thing on there.
    Thank you for the morning smile.

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