Very Good Causes: New Circles Charity

Many of us have closets stuffed full of clothes we have barely worn, and an incredible charity to give some of those to is New Circles Charity. This Toronto non-profit organization that provides new and gently used clothing to people who need them. Cocktails & Closets, hosted by Fashion Forward, was held tonight in support of New Circles. Sellers emptied their closets and jewellery boxes all over a cocktail lounge on King, and shoppers got to peruse the goods.

The event took place at Saviari Tea + Cocktail Lounge on King, renowned for their exquisite tea-infused cocktails. Attendees were requested to make a cash or clothing donation to New Circles Charity. This remarkable organization operates the GLOW (Gently Loved Outfits To Wear) program, dedicated to addressing the basic needs of economically vulnerable individuals. Through their free clothing bank, they provide crucial support by granting thousands of people access to high-quality garments. By becoming a registered client of GLOW, individuals can save up to $1,250 annually, allowing them to allocate those savings towards vital expenses like rent, food, and other necessities. Each year, GLOW welcomes an impressive number of approximately 12,000 visitors, ensuring that a significant portion of the community receives the support they need to fulfill their essential clothing requirements. To contribute and make a difference, please visit the New Circles Charity website for donation options.

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