Kathleen’s Closet: Wardrobe Services in Toronto: NOW CLOSED

Someone recently told me that women only wear 20 percent of their clothes and shoes. This seems entirely plausible to me. Recently I purged my closet- really cleared it out. I had so much stuff I couldn’t see what I had anymore if that makes sense (my friends tell me it does.) I had no problem getting rid of about half my wardrobe. I am only sentimental about a few pieces and I was relieved to clear out most of it. But I have many friends who struggle with getting rid of clothes. One dear friend recently confided that she has 50 pairs of black pants. Two pairs fit. This is not good. This is heading into hoarder territory. She needs Kathleen.

Kathleen’s Closet provides personal shopping, style advice and wardrobe consulting that is affordable. Basically Kathleen will sort you out if your closet is overloaded with stuff you never wear and you are struggling with what to keep and what to get rid of. Not only will Kathleen organize your closet into a happy place with lots of well coordinated, properly fitting stylish outfits, she can also help you pass your unwanted clothes to Toronto women’s shelters. I recently met Kathleen at an event and she is awesome. I like that her mission is to help women build their confidence and empower them by using fashion. Women are amazing and excellent clothes just make us even better.

Kathleen’s Closet is located in Liberty Village, as is The Golden Apple Confectionery, a sweets and chocolate shop that made Kathleen this stunning chocolate shoe. How gorgeous is that? I would both happily wear and eat it.

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