Prego in South Etobicoke: NOW CLOSED

UPDATE: Prego has permanently closed.

I never ate at Angelo D’s, which was for years one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the west end. It has closed down, but the very talented chef who ran it has popped back up on the Queensway with a new restaurant called Prego. I figured we would get around to trying it eventually but the urgency increased when I saw a huge sign advertising Coniglio Wednesday Nights. That would be rabbit night. That is awesome. Bunnies are delicious! We ended up going on a Saturday night hoping rabbit would still be worked into one of the specials and it was. In addition to a delicious rabbit ravioli in a rabbit ragu, the house-made goat cheese salad was incredible. This is my kind of salad- a huge hunk of perfect cheese with some greens making it look pretty.

The mushroom salad was also very, very good.

You don’t have to love coniglio to enjoy dinner at Prego; the menu has a lovely selection of Italian favourites. Despite being of Italian descent I’m actually not a huge rabbit fan. I had the penne alla vodka. It’s my Canadian husband with the Italian soul who loves rabbit. 753 The Queensway.

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  1. AMAZING!!! Celebrated my daughter’s First Communion at Prego in June and everything from the food to the service was impeccable. A gem of a restaurant in South Etobicoke.

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