Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls

Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel with a giant indoor waterpark right onsite. It’s in Niagara Falls, about an hour and a half drive from Toronto. Only guests of the hotel can use the waterpark (which is over 100,000 square-feet) so it isn’t crazy busy with huge lines. Unsurprisingly, the Lodge is a very popular destination for families looking for new and exciting ways to amuse the little ones, especially in the cold weather. Every time I mentioned to someone that we were going to Great Wolf Lodge, their first reaction was “Oh you’ll have a blast!” and the second reaction was “Bring water shoes, it’s really disgusting!” I think all these comments had me expecting a cesspool of filth so I was pleasantly surprised that it really seemed fairly hygienic, at least as hygienic as one can expect from a waterpark mostly overrun with children under 10 years old.

The Lodge knows how to entertain kids. There is a great arcade with lots of fun brightly blinking games and cute little rides, and a bakery with really yummy-looking sweets.

The Lodge isn’t cheap but you do get value for your money since the waterpark passes are included in the room rate. They often have specials so keep an eye on the deal section of the Great Wolf Lodge website if you are considering it for a little family getaway. Since you are so close to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, I recommend taking a drive by the Falls after you leave- no matter how many times I see them, they never fail to take my breath away.

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