Humble & Fred’s 250th Podcast Party

Did you know that Humble & Fred have a podcast? They actually have 250 of them, and they recorded that 250th in front of a live and laughing-very-loudly studio audience Thursday night at Redfish Studios. As co-host of the Toronto Mike’d podcast on the Humble & Fred Radio Network, I attended the event which was filled with many long-time fans and supporters of these Toronto radio legends. They delighted the crowd with the fun, effortless banter everyone loves them for and it was such an entertaining hour to watch. Here are some pics from the night, starting with the Humble & Fred interns including Phil Hong warming up their voices:

Me & Phil before the show:

Mike delivers some well wishes to Humble & Fred:

The studio audience, Dave Bish, Dan Duran and more #100percenters:

There were some great musical performances and lots of laughs including funny business from Scary Pete and Chicken Shwarma, who my husband was a particularly big fan of in the CFNY days. They are hilarious. To hear the show, visit the Humble & Fred website where you can also check out the Toronto Mike’d podcast.

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