The Legwarmers in Pliés and Pleases

I recently bought my little man an adorable new storybook at a book launch at Chapters. It’s called The Legwarmers in Plies and Pleases.

It’s published by Two Sisters Press, and the two sisters happen to be Christine and Lisa Brkich, dear friends of mine. They have been working on The Legwarmers for a very long time (it’s based on their live dance production by the same name, which they co-wrote and choreographed) and to see this labour of love now a beautifully published book is pretty amazing. They are dance teachers and choreographers who are passionate about teaching dance to kids. No one know how to light up a room like they do. Or, the front entrance of a Chapters at their recent book launch.

If you would like to purchase an autographed copy of The Legwarmers, get over to Pick of the Crop Toys and Books in Oakville this Saturday December 8th at noon where the girls will be plie-ing around the store. And if you would like to order a book online, visit The Legwarmers official website.

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