Chantecler & Chantecler Boucherie in Parkdale: NOW CLOSED

UPDATE: Chantecler Restaurant closed in November 2019 after a devastating fire and is planning a reopening. After surviving the fire and the pandemic, it’s companion butchery Chantecler Boucherie at 1318 Queen Street West closed in July 2022.

Went to Chantecler last night, where we were squeezed in despite not having a reservation. It was amazing. Here is the beef tartare, served with seaweed wraps:

Crispy soggy calamari:

The beef and pork shoulder that comes with the Korean-style lettuce wraps was perfect. Fall-apart moist with tons and tons of flavour.

Other highlights include the fish tacos and the Toronto cocktail. 1320 Queen St. West, Toronto.

2 responses to “Chantecler & Chantecler Boucherie in Parkdale: NOW CLOSED”

  1. Holy all things delicious. Yummy looking. Calamari is squid right? It’s become a popular dish here in bars and grills. I like it once in a while.

  2. Roshan it was so good. Yes exactly it’s squid. I actually only like it once in awhile too, I get turned off if it is rubbery. This dish was perfect!

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