Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Mississauga

If you have a very energetic toddler and are free on Tuesday or Thursdays between 9:30 and 11am, I highly recommend you take them to the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. This is designated ‘toddler time’ on the mats and it is an awesome way to get them moving during the cold winter months. One parent has to jump with them and the adults have as much fun as the little ones.

This place is awesome! Huge with really helpful and friendly staff keeping an eye on all the jumpers, big and small.

There is a squishy foam pit you can dive into when you get tired of jumping. There are rules though. No back flips is one of them. This rule is harder to enforce once toddler time is over and the teenagers hit the mats.

The Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is located in Mississauga (about a five minute drive from Square One) You can host a birthday party there; package and pricing information are on the website. 3636 Hawkestone Road, Mississauga.

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  1. For the older kids there is a drop-in dodge ball as well. Nothing like being able to jump off the walls to avoid being hit. It is a great place and great fun. I recall seeing there was grown up classes too during the week-day.

  2. I am totally jumping the next time we go. It looks addictive. The kids must love the dodgeball! The manager told me the best time to go is between 4 and 6pm during the week, you have the place to yourself!

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