Bikers For Autism – Canada Recognizes World Autism Day

April 2nd is World Autism Day. This is the first year Canada will officially recognize this day. (We have Senator Jim Munson to thank for this; late last year he successfully got a bill passed by the House of Commons to make this day official in Canada. There are so many cool Canadians that do amazing stuff for this cause. Two of my faves are the Bikers for Autism. This is a father and son team from Vancouver, James and John Baker, who ride their Harleys to raise money for autism initiatives. Last year they rode across Canada in support of the Osoyoos Autism Behavioural Centre and Autism Speaks Canada. I follow them on Twitter and loved the pics they would send out, capturing all the beautiful places they visited. Bikers for Autism are hitting the open roads again this fall. Keep track of them on Twitter @BikersForAutism or on their Facebook page.

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