Body Blitz Spa in Toronto

I spent a good part of my 20s trying out most of Toronto’s spas, and while there are lots of lovely spots, only one has stuck with me as I finish out my 30s. That would be Body Blitz. No other spa has gorgeous therapeutic waters you soak in first before you get scrubbed or baked in clay. And because it’s for women only, you can submerge yourself in the green tea tub or the cold plunge pool totally naked. It’s awesome. My fabulous friend Jen and I recently had body bakes, and we thoroughly enjoyed choosing the mud we would be baked in at the mud bar. We went with the oceanic clay mud, which has a lovely eucalyptus scent. You strip and put on a disposable thong, then they scrub you, hose you off, slather you with the mud, bake you under intense lights, blast it off with water and then massage and cover you with lotion. It’s fantastic.

I figured further photography would be highly frowned upon past this point so if you would like to check out some pics of the Body Blitz pools, visit their website. We have always gone to the Adelaide location, but now there is another one on King. St. East. It’s a must-try, and you don’t have to do the water naked if that isn’t your thing. 471 Adelaide St W, Toronto.

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