Buster’s Kitchen X Bar in Long Branch

Buster’s on Lakeshore has permanently closed.

You hear a lot about Buster’s Sea Cove in the St. Lawrence Market (and their awesome food truck) but now I’m going to tell you about Buster’s Fish House on the Lakeshore. It is also very delicious. This is what their Boston bluefish sandwich looks like:

There is a great selection of fish sandwiches, (saw lots of people ordering the grilled salmon) the service is friendly and the menu is affordable. You can dine-in or take-out. Buster’s Fish House is located in Long Branch, it’s close to Woody’s Burgers, Ice Cream Junction and Melt. Call 416-251-7777 for more info as they don’t appear to have a website. 3747 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, Toronto.

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  1. I live next to Busters Fish House. The food is absolutely amazing, and from my discussions with the owner here, its the same company the food truck and St Lawrence market and that they price it higher at the market because its a tourist area and they can. Food is identical, just more affordable here. We have a lot of amazing restaurants in our neighbourhood, a gem in the city. Come visit us!

  2. We had fish Friday at Buster’s – their haddock, chips, coleslaw and a pop for $9.99 : great deal!!

  3. Lynne that sounds soooo good. I love this place, and all the other yummy places to eat in this area. Was just at Ice Cream Junction 🙂

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