Roncy’s Bean in Roncevalles Village: NOW CLOSED

After a lovely dinner at Lardon and a torrid rainstorm, there is no better place to get a coffee than Roncy’s Bean.

This independent coffee shop has homemade gelato, tasty pastries and amazing coffee. (If you like flavoured coffee, try the Tiramisu.) There is a wonderful little chocolate section that is perfect if you just want a bite of something delicious. 385 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto.

One response to “Roncy’s Bean in Roncevalles Village: NOW CLOSED”

  1. Hi Rosie: I’ve been away from the site for a while but loved today’s postings. Bought the dinner for two at The Fairmount GREAT BUY!!
    Roncesvalles is a street I have wanted to shop on since they finished the road construction. I am going there this week. Thanks for all the info around town. I really enjoy your writing and the site.

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