Lardon on Roncesvalles: NOW CLOSED

UPDATE: Lardon closed in 2014.

Cowbell was one of our favourite restaurants so we were pretty disappointed when it went out of business. It’s really too bad, especially as chef Mark Cutrara was one of the first to bring local, organic, nose-to-tail dining to the city- and one of the first to do it in Parkdale. By following Chef Cutrara on Twitter, I saw that he was a fan of the foie gras at Lardon so we decided to check it out. The foie was amazing, and so was the venison striploin with Ontario asparagus, baby carrots, brussel sprouts and roasted shallot jus:

Also lovely- the in-house smoked duck breast with Ontario asparagus, Yukon gold mash, mushrooms and blueberry sauce.

Lardon is located right on Roncesvalles across the street from one of the best cafes in Toronto, Roncy’s Bean.

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  1. I’ve never had foie gras in my life. I don’t think I can even pronounce foie gras! Have you been to Montreal’s a Pied du cuchon restaurant?

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