2013 Hyundai Genesis Sedan: What I Love So Far

I’m on day four of my week-long test drive of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec, and it’s awesome. Fast, super-smooth and SO comfortable. Driving it is completely effortless, which I love. Some other features I’m quite enjoying include the rear camera and navigation screen which lets you back into the scariest parking space without fear of taking off a mirror on a concrete pillar:

The perfectly organized dash and satellite radio coming at you through a 17-speaker audio system:

And the cooled driver’s seat. I’ve had a heated seat, but never a cooled one. This has been particularly lovely during the Toronto heatwave.

I’m also quite impressed at how good it is on gas after three days of both city and highway driving, and how fancy it looks. I’ve always had a thing for silver, or rather, Titanium Grey Metallic, cars.

Check back in a few days for more thoughts on the car, including input from my men, both the big and little one.

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