McLobster in Toronto

The first trip my husband and I ever took together was to Halifax and Cape Breton Island. It was so incredible, and the food was outstanding. We still talk about two things: our amazing meal at the Press Gang, and the lobster sandwiches we would eat everywhere. You could get gorgeous looking ones at the Halifax Seaport Market, or simple ones on Wonderbread at the side of the road in Cape Breton. We also thought it was hilarious you could get them at McDonald’s, which we did, and they were pretty good. We forgot about them until recently when we saw that the McLobster was making its debut in Ontario. Of course we had to pick some up. Here it is, looking about as good as anything mixed with mayonnaise can look in a bun. It’s $6.79 plus tax. They are pretty tasty and brought back some lovely memories.

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  1. Lobster is expensive here too, which is why we loved our trip out east… it is more plentiful there so less expensive. And so delicious.

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