My Week With the Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

After Patrick at Hyundai handed over the keyless starter to me before I set out on my test drive of the 2013 Genesis 5.0 sedan, he pointed out some of the cooler features (literally, there is a driver-side seat cooler) and said I will really notice the car’s performance when I hit the highway. We strapped in the carseat and set out for Hamilton on the first day. The Genesis is a luxury sedan, but it’s as parent-friendly as my Equinox. The latch system made it very easy to install the carseat, and there was ample room in the back for another two passengers.

With little man happily strapped in with plenty of legroom, it was time to test the 429 horsepower 5.0-litre V8 engine. This car accelerates fast, smoothly and quietly, and handles turns so easily. My husband drives a CTS and was surprised at how quickly the car responded to sharp turns, and had to admit it handled better than his car. This is high praise. I liked how easy it was to do U-turns (my 2006 Equinox is sort of sluggish and protests these) and being somewhat direction-challenged I am a frequent U-turner, always when it’s safe and legal of course. And speaking of safety, I’m really going to miss the rear camera and navigation screen, which made me less of a menace on the streets while parallel parking.

I received lots of feedback on the Genesis while driving around the city. A couple of people asked me what make of car it was, and were surprised and impressed when I answered “Hyundai”. A car enthusiast in a parking lot commented that he thought “it looked just like a BMW.” Lots of neighbours wandered over and admired the look of the car; it really is a head-turner, all sleek with its fancy grill. I liked how it felt really substantial to ride in, but was so light and easy to maneuver. This car seats five comfortably, and the trunk is huge. I was able to throw the stroller in no problem and there was still room for grocery bags.

This is a comfortable, gorgeous-looking high-performance car that is an ideal choice if you are considering your first luxury vehicle but still have to tote around a kid or two and need space. Pricing starts at $53,499 for the 5.0 and $39,999 for the 3.8 litre engine. For more information on the Hyundai Genesis click here.

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