Dimpflmeier Bakery in Etobicoke

There is an amazing bakery in Etobicoke that is busy ALL the time for very good reason. Dimpflmeier’s uses only natural spring water in all the stuff they make, and you can absolutely taste the difference. Their bread, pies, cakes and quiches are so fresh and pure tasting, and very affordable. This entire quiche is less than ten dollars.

Extra gluten please!

The breads are the show-stoppers but the desserts are amazing value too. Dimpflmeier’s prepares all sorts of fresh fabulous treats that would cost you way more other places.

The coffee and cappucinos are excellent as well and there is a cafe area to sit and enjoy. Dimpflmeier is located near the intersection of Kipling and Dundas at 26 Advance Rd, Etobicoke, Toronto.

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