Rhum Corner on Dundas St. West

This is Black Hoof owner Jen Agg’s Haitian restaurant, Rhum Corner. She came up with the name from her husband Roland, who would make rum and cokes at her other restaurant Cocktail Bar and then serve them up for friends in the corner. To start, accra and griot (a popular Haitian dish of fried pork with peppers) and then oxtail and boulettes (meatballs) for mains:

An incredible selection of rum to choose from. We went with the classic Rhum and Coke, made with Havana 7 and Mexican Coke. The Rhum Old Fashioned is also terrific. Rhum Corner and the Hoof Cocktail Bar are located at Grace St. and Dundas St. West. Rhum is 926 Dundas St West, and Cocktail Bar is 923 Dundas St. West.

3 responses to “Rhum Corner on Dundas St. West”

  1. Wow, everything looks great. Jen is just awesome in making all these wonderful restaurants. I saw her in a couple of shows and in an episode of Bizarre Foods they showed her husband and the beginnings of this restaurant.

  2. If you love rum you will love it here. The food is so flavourful and I loved the vibe. There are not many places I want to go back to but I would definitely return to Rhum Corner!

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