The Burger’s Priest in South Etobicoke

Until now the best non-processed high quality burgers in this area were available at Woody’s. Now that the Burger’s Priest has arrived, there are more options for burgers made with ultra premium beef. Here is the Priest, which is two patties with cheese and secret sauce:

The Priest burger at the Burger's Priest

Here is the Priest with the “Option” on top: two roasted portobello mushrooms, breaded and deep fried.

The Priest with the "Option" at The Burger's Priest

They also serve a heavenly looking poutine, which I will be trying on my next visit.

Classic Poutine at The Burger’s Priest

There are locations of The Burger’s Priest all over Toronto and the GTA now. These photos are from the location on the Queensway in South Etobicoke. If you visit their website, you can get a free OG cheeseburger when you sign up for offers. Rosie 🙂

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4 responses to “The Burger’s Priest in South Etobicoke”

  1. To think that Licks and Webers were the only fresh made burger places for years, now they are every where.
    I haven’t been to Burger Priest but frequent Hero burger out here, will have to look up the closest one to me and give it a try.
    Thanks Rosie

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