Akasaka Japanese Restaurant in Richmond Hill

If you love watching highly skilled chefs creatively prepare delicious food as much as you love eating it, then you have to try the teppanyaki experience. Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an hot iron griddle to prepare meat, fish and vegetables. The meal is cooked in the center of a table with diners surrounding the chef. Akasaka Steak House is located at 280 West Beaver Creek, minutes from the 404. Its humble exterior does not hint at the comfortable and traditional interior, the excellent service and the truly scrumptious food.

Menu items include traditional Japanese fare such as sushi and teppanyaki. The range of choice in proteins for Teppanyaki is quite extensive and they offer many combinations for the economically inclined. For example on the Teppanyaki menu you build your own by selecting from a very large list of seafood or meats. For $9 you can make it a combo adding Miso Soup, salad and ice cream for dessert. Or, you can choose from a combo menu where proteins such as scallops, chicken and steak are combined in smaller amounts for those who like to sample. The sushi list is two full pages long and covers all the favourites plus some new to us.

We all ordered teppanyaki combos – selecting filet mignon, crab legs, chicken, scallops and sirloin. The food was expertly and entertainingly prepared by Jason who demonstrated a masterful control of spatulas. He was able to balance a spinning egg on either side alternating sides without dropping it. He then prepared an egg and challenged us to stay still with our mouths open while from across the cook top he expertly lobbed it in our mouths. While we were squirming he just coolly took aim and hit the mark. It had us giggling. His teasing, confident manner was such a delight and the service from other wait staff was unobtrusive allowing us to enjoy the cooking show and yet still carry on our conversation. Plates were quietly removed, tea refilled and service items appeared as needed.

The portions were so large that we could barely finish it. The chicken was moist and coated (not drowned) in teriyaki sauce. The crab was steamed to melt in your mouth status and served in a butter sauce in an open shell resolving the hardest challenge of crab – getting it out of the shell.The scallops were perfectly browned but still moist and both steaks were to order. The miso soup was rich and satisfying. The salad pleasantly crispy and the vegetables perfectly cooked to an el dente state. The rice was exceptional and the ginger ice cream was a delightful finish. Three very large meals and gallons of tea later…$114.

This restaurant is a gem and although located facing Highway 7 at the corner of West Beaver Creek it may not stand out in the mall where it is located. But it is truly worth seeking out. 280 W Beaver Creek Unit L10-12, Richmond Hill.

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