School Restaurant in Liberty Village

It’s fun to go to school when you are a grown-up, especially when school is one of the best brunch spots in Toronto. I love French toast with lots of crispy bacon on top, and then pouring lots of maple syrup over the whole pile. When I heard the super cheesy bacon French toast at School in Liberty Village was out of this world, I couldn’t wait to try it. It was amazing. I loved the shot glass of maple syrup on the side.

The decor at School is great; there are apples on the tables and the patio looks like a hipster school yard.

The menu items are fun and inventive like the Krispy Krunch French Toast which is rolled in “Snap, Crackle & Pop w/ Orange Maple Marmalade + Sugar Dust.” The “Is Quinoa a Carb? Burger” is covered in jalepeno jack cheese, bourbon BBQ sauce and guac. School is just half-days here- it is open for breakfast, lunch and weekday brunch. 70 Fraser Ave.

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