The Queen and Beaver Public House in Downtown Toronto

Cobblers, flaky pies, rich meats and curries are delicious, especially when it’s cold out. The Q&B on Elm Street is a British pub that takes their British comfort food to the level. The lamb curry with rice and apple chutney is spicy and packed with flavour.

The venison and mushroom cobbler is hearty and a great choice if you are cold AND hungry. Warms and fills you right up.

The veg is not an afterthought. Tasty and bright.

The Queen and Beaver calls itself the best British pub in downtown Toronto and is known for the massive selection of drafts including cask ales (unfiltered and unpasteurized beer.) It also offers a feasting menu for groups of five or more which features meals of traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, roast suckling pig and slow cooked lamb shoulder. 35 Elm St., Toronto.

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