Extreme Pita in Vellore Village in Vaughan

March Break is wrapping up and after a week of hitting a lot of drive-thrus, we decided we needed a quick and healthy early dinner to fuel our busy Saturday of errands. I really could not look at one more nugget. It’s Nutrition Month and I wanted some vegetables. The Extreme Pita in the Vellore Village shopping centre has the new Extreme Entrees which are more filling than a pita, super-nutritious and so, so tasty. Extreme Entrees are made fresh in front of your face and include sauteed veggies, a seven-grain rice blend, pita bread, salad and your protein.

They prepare everything right in front of you and the toppings are amazingly fresh. Other options are chicken or beef fajita, chicken souvlaki and if you are vegetarian there is a Mediterrean Halloumi cheese entree. What’s cool about Extreme Pita is that all their locations have a nutritional guide that gives you the specific info for each recipe. My dad is diabetic and finds this makes it very easy for him to eat here. Other eateries give you the info for each individual item, which makes it harder to figure out what you are actually eating without having to do lots of math.

Not only is the food tasty, nutritious and reasonably priced, the service at Extreme Pita Vellore Village is amazing. Tanveer and Suchi are so lovely.

We dined in and it was such a nice break after an afternoon of running around. This location has big bright windows and was really comfortable. I couldn’t finish my entree so Tanveer packed it up for me.

A great choice for a quick, healthy delicious dinner that is filling when you are on the go. Extreme Pita is located in the Vellore Village shopping centre at 3737 Major Mackenzie Dr. W. (Major Mac and Weston Road). It’s right beside the Major Mackenzie Animal Hospital and there is tons of free parking right in front. Lots of room for strollers too… a really easy place to dine if you’ve got little ones in tow.

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  1. Hmmm, looks good. Velloor village? There is a prominent university town in Tamil Nadu called Velloor. Wondering if this place in Canada has some Indian folks in it.

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