Chaban in Etobicoke

Welcome to Chaban, a Korean restaurant in south Etobicoke. It’s cheerful, casual, and crazy fresh. The bibimbap, which is a signature Korean dish that literally means “mixed rice”, is delicious. The chili paste is served on the side.

The meal starts with an assortment of complimentary banchan, which translates to “side dish”. These small dishes of pickled vegetables are spicy and very tasty. My favourite banchan is the diced radish kimchi.

The beef bulgogi (signature Korean grilled marinated beef) was tender and savoury. Tons of flavour.

Make sure to check the daily special board which features some very inventive dishes. There are many different types of bibimbap.

The service is excellent. A welcome addition of authentic Korean to the west end of the city. 872 The Queensway.

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