Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie in the Distillery District

Restaurants in the Distillery District really have a duty to live up to their picturesque surroundings. When you walk on lovely cobblestone past beautifully restored storefronts and popular public art like the love lock installation, when you finally sit down to dinner it really better be good. Cluny Bistro is lovely inside and out and the food is as good as it looks. Start with the salt cod doughnuts- they are light, tasty and delicious.

It’s a great spot for seafood lovers; the raw bar has an amazing selection of oysters.

This veal meatball blew up my Instagram with likes:

Saw a lot of these going by (filet with frites, because this is a French bistro)

The halibut special sold out quickly and was substituted with this almond bass:

Distillery district restaurants have a lot of space to fill and Cluny does that with walls of wine. Huge selection which the sommelier will help you with. Look up once in a while from your meal- it’s pretty up there!

Not pictured- the asparagus frites, which were crispy and tasty. Great first date spot as you can wander around the Distillery after which is amazing on a Toronto summer night. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie is located at 35 Tank House Lane.

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