Richmond Station in Downtown Toronto

Carl Heinrich, winner of Season 2 of Top Chef Canada, opened Richmond Station in 2012. It’s downtown in Toronto’s financial district at 1 Richmond Street West. He has turned his restaurant into a winner exactly like he won Top Chef- by focusing on the ingredients and keeping it simple and delicious. Every year during Nuit Blanche we make Richmond Station our stop for edible art. Some highlights from 2016 include the lamb crochette:

Pork meatballs:

Sit at the Chef’s Table and watch the pros do their thing. On a busy Saturday night it is remarkable to see how much food they create and turn out so perfectly.

Our meal from Nuit Blanche 2015. We had the same mains in 2016! The roasted beet salad is tossed with beet chips, whipped goat’s cheese and candied pecans.

The beef tartare is piled on pommes gaufrettes, which are waffle fries.

Richmond Station features a daily chalkboard menu that reflects seasonal ingredients. Rabbit was on the menu this evening.

The signature Station burger is topped with beet chutney and aged cheddar on a milk bun. The chefs cranked out more of these than any other menu item. The rosemary fries are so delicious. You will not leave one. NOT ONE.

The dessert chef is incredible. His S’mores dish features graham crumbs, melty delicious chocolate, and smoked ice cream THAT TASTES LIKE CAMPFIRE. Just amazing.

I love menu items where salt is celebrated so had to order the “Salt Lovers Anonymous” for dessert. It is described as “dulce de leche ice cream, crunchy stuff, smoked maldon, smashed raspberries, goat yogurt.” The crunchy stuff was so good.

One of my favourite dining experiences in a long time. There is something really special about Top Chef winner restaurants. I also loved the meal at David Chrystian’s Victor Restaurant. David was a Season 2 runner-up and was one of my faves to win. I’d go back to both spots. Richmond Station is located in downtown Toronto at 1 Richmond St West.

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