K&B Sushi in South Etobicoke

There are several high quality all-you-can-eat sushi spots in the GTA, but none in the west end of Toronto until K&B Sushi on the Queensway opened last year. It offers an excellent selection of pan-Asian dishes and sushi chefs that know their stuff.

iPad ordering allows you to easily make your menu selections and send them to the sushi bar. Just choose your items and hit “send order.” Your server will come by, make sure everything looks good and sends it off to the kitchen. The service is excellent and attentive here which is not always the case at AYCE restaurants.

Even the biggest sushi monsters will be impressed by the selection and cuts of sashimi on the AYCE menu.

Highlights were the short ribs, rock shrimp, beef teriyaki and the green and black dragon rolls. Desserts were also delicious; I am a huge fan of the coconut ice cream and fried tofu. The red bean and green tea ice cream flavours are also fresh and lovely.

The price of an all-you-can-eat dinner at K&B Sushi for two adults before tax and tip is $60. A bottle of house wine is $28. The South Etobicoke location is open for lunch and dinner and take-out is available (and 10% off if you pay cash.)

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  1. Not much of a Sushi lover myself, but will tell my daughter there is one here in Oakville, if she hasn’t already been!

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