The Captain’s Boil in Etobicoke

Who needs plates? At The Captain’s Boil, your lobster, shrimp, crab- or whatever sea creature you decide to feast on- comes to you in a steaming hot bag filled with butter, sauces and spices. You open it up and EAT all over your paper-covered table. It’s juicy, delicious, messy, and so much fun.

The Captain’s Boil is a popular franchise inspired by the Cajun seafood boil. Seafood is freshly caught, boiled up, and served immediately to maximize freshness and tenderness. Oysters to start are a great choice… and no utensils. Joy for seafood lovers and a welcome addition to the west end of the city! 1800 The Queensway #5, Etobicoke.

2 responses to “The Captain’s Boil in Etobicoke”

  1. I usually don’t use this but OMG, I have been looking for a place like this, Thanks Rosie!

  2. Just tried the new location out here in Oakville, I was up to my elbows in lobster shells, thanks for the tip Rosie!

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