Grocery Store Wait Times in Toronto During COVID-19

Most of us have given up on Costco, but you still need to get groceries somewhere and these days there are line-ups to get into most supermarkets, LCBOs and Dollaramas. It would be nice to know in advance what you are in for… and thanks to Florence-based developer Miki Lombardi, now you can get a sense of the estimated wait times at grocery stores in Toronto with this interactive map. . The map is global and covers many stores in the Greater Toronto Area, using data from Google similar to the way it gathers traffic information. The colour-coded pins (green to red) show you how long a wait you are in for, from five to 60 minutes.


This Dollarama has a wait time of 25 minutes at 4:20pm.


The map updates every five minutes. Are you waiting in a massive line somewhere right now? Get started here and help other shoppers head somewhere else.

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