Martino Manor: On Hold for Halloween 2020

If you live in the Parklawn/Queensway area of South Etobicoke and take your kids trick or treating, you’ve probably enjoyed the spooktacular house just south of Mamma Martino’s Italian restaurant. The Martino family loves Halloween and have been transforming their home for years into a terrifying yet somehow also family-friendly spectacle of frights that the kids absolutely love. It’s terrific and so much fun. A couple of years ago, the Martino’s decided to take their love of scaring the hood up a notch and opened an indoor haunted house and outdoor maze just off the Queensway at 7 McIntosh Ave, directly behind their famous restaurant. It’s called Martino Manor.


Unfortunately, the MM Haunted House is closed this year because of COVID-19. But the spirit is definitely there and will hang on until 2021, when we can hopefully enjoy being scared by non-virus things once again. Rosie 🙂


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