Buying Melatonin Online in Canada

We have used liquid melatonin to help get my son get to sleep for years. There were a few different types that worked but eventually the health food store we would purchase it from would run out, or the type we were using would be discontinued. It has become such an important product in our household that I was incredibly relieved to find a reliable Canadian store to purchase it from regularly, and one that ships it to my door for free. That store is For years now I have been able to purchase Nature’s Harmony Sleep Tight Liquid Melatonin in berry flavour, and the stress of running out of this product is gone. (That’s the brand we use but there are other ones available as well.) I think once in all this time the product was backordered and I had to wait a bit, but I had a few in reserve so it wasn’t a panic situation. ships for free if your order exceeds $35; that applies in the GTA where I live but if you live in a remote location there may be a shipping fee.


Melatonin is an over-the-counter product so you don’t need a prescription, but if you are looking for a pharmacy that offers free delivery the Pharmacy is great. It’s available online 24/7 and also does medical cannabis consultations in Ontario. Rosie 🙂

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