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Restaurants come and go in the best of times and we’ve seen many not survive months and months of this pandemic. I’m relieved one of my favourites is still going strong. I first told you about Rocco’s in 2015 (see post below) and that was after years of enjoying their amazing food (it’s been around since 1990.) The photo below, taken a couple of weeks ago, shows that nothing has changed- their veal sandwiches are just as huge, delicious and perfect as they’ve always been. Pandemic-proof comfort food. Rosie 🙂


Rocco’s Plum Tomato- The Original (Take-Out) post written in November 2015:

In this entry I’m telling you about Rocco’s take-out, which is located right beside the Rocco’s Plum Tomato restaurant on the Queensway in south Etobicoke. There is a separate entrance right beside the main restaurant. This is one of the best lunch spots in the west end. For many, many years we have been buying enormous veal sandwiches from Rocco’s. For under $10, this is a sandwich that cannot be beat for taste, size and value. It comes smothered with authentic sauce, mushrooms, onions and peppers.


The meatball sandwich is also delicious. The ingredients are so fresh and everything is made to order. On a busy day you may wait a few minutes but it’s so worth it.


A popular combination you will see many ordering is a sandwich and a slice. The pizza slices are freshly made and do not sit around for long. The selection varies but they are all excellent.


You can call ahead and pick up your order if you really don’t want to wait but I find the line isn’t too bad even at lunch hour; they really hustle in there. Pros. This Rocco’s Plum Tomato is located at 164 The Queensway. Rosie 🙂

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