Best No Sugar Snacks for Diabetics

I’m always on the lookout for sugar-free foods because my dad is diabetic. The first product we really went on the hunt for years ago is sugar-free ketchup, because it’s a condiment he quite likes but is full of sugar. He ended up learning to make his own, but I always try to pick up tasty and fun sugar-free snacks for him when I see them because they aren’t that easy to find. Grocery stores might have an aisle or two of natural products, but the actual selection of truly zero-sugar items is typically pretty small, and that’s often the case even in natural food stores. Usually there will be some chocolate bars or protein snacks, but if you check the ingredients the level of sugar isn’t actually zero. And if you are diabetic and counting every single gram- what you want to see on that nutrition label is 0 g of sugar. So I was very happy to discover the No Sugar Company on my go-to wellness shopping happy place, The No Sugar Company was the first company to make a no sugar keto protein bar. I ordered a few for my dad to try out, and they are delicious. Here are a couple of favourites:

You can check out the entire selection of No Sugar Company products on, which offers free delivery in the GTA for orders over $49. A terrific option for buying sugar-free products online in Canada.

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