Visiting Toronto’s Distillery District in Winter

Every February one of the many ways we celebrate my son and brother’s birthday is by taking a trip to the Distillery District. The last few years we have made the Toronto Light Fest our destination, but the festival has been paused during the pandemic so instead we take a trip to visit the shops, art installations, and then hot chocolate and treats from Balzac’s. We’ve been bringing our little man there since he was two… now he’s almost as big as his dad and loves the vibe of the area just as much! There’s something really nice about visiting the Distillery when there isn’t a major event going on… it’s chill and so picturesque. The loveliest family time and tradition! Rosie 🙂 DistilleryDistrict-2022


The Distillery Historic District is located at 55 Mill Street in Toronto.


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