Izba Restaurant on The Queensway Closes

There aren’t many restaurants that have been in the exact same place, looking exactly the same inside and out, and serving the exact same food, for over 50 years. Izba is that restaurant. My dad has stories of eating there with his bestie over 40 years ago, and I remember eating schnitzel there for the first time and loving the huge delicious sizzling pieces of breaded veal coming to the table on big plates topped with juicy lemon wedges. I never had anything other than the schnitzel there but many raved about the pierogis and goulash. Dinners with girlfriends at Izba were always fun in our university days because the carafes of wine were super affordable and the atmosphere so comfy and cozy. Passing by on a Saturday night you would sometimes hear accordion music from the folk musicians performing. Izba was a humble family restaurant serving Eastern European homestyle dishes for a long time and while the owners have certainly earned the right to pack it in, it’s presence will be missed. 648 The Queensway, Etobicoke.

IZBA Restaurant on The Queensway

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