‘ONO Poké Bar Opens on the Humber Bay Shores

Poke bowls are sliced chunks of raw, marinated fish over rice topped with veggies and savoury sauces. Pronounced “POH-kay” the word poke is Hawaiian for “to slice or cut”. A staple dish that can be found everywhere in Hawaii, a few years ago they were all the rage here while the poke bowl trend was super hot. While several poke eateries have closed in Toronto since the poke craze, ‘ONO Poké Bar has opened another location in the west end on the Humber Bay Shores. Their most popular bowl is the build-your-own.

‘Ono Poké Bar

There is a wide selection of proteins and we alternate between customizing torched tuna, unagi (eel) or salmon bowls, pictured here with spicy mayonnaise sauce.

Build Your Own Poké Bowl

The toppings are always fresh and delicious. My favourites are corn, carrot, double avocado, edamame, red cabbage and crispy wontons. There are seven locations of ‘ONO Poke Bar throughout the GTA now with this newest one located at 116-58 Marine Parade Drive, Etobicoke.

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