Watching Rugby in Toronto

Toronto Wolfpack at Lamport Stadium

What happened to the Toronto Wolfpack? It’s been awhile since rugby fans have been able to enjoy a Wolfpack game in Toronto at Lamport Stadium. The Toronto Wolfpack shut down in 2020 due to financial difficulties brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, and that was the end of rugby’s only trans-Atlantic team. The Super League replaced the Toronto Wolfpack with the Leigh Centurions and sadly that was game over. It was disappointing as there was so much excitement over the team’s promotion to the Super League and the signing of the former New Zealand All Black Sonny Bill Williams. And it was so much fun watching them play; the vibe at Lamport Stadium was amazing. We always had a ball. So how can rugby fans watch live rugby in Toronto now? Well the Toronto Arrows are still here and their new season is fast approaching. While the Wolfpack played Rugby League, the Arrows play Rugby Union which is the version of the game that is more common in Canada anyway. At least it’s what we played in high school! The Arrows play in Major League Rugby where the teams are all based in North America which eliminates the massive travel costs and hopefully makes the team more sustainable in the long run. One major difference is that the Arrows play at York Lions Stadium at the Keele Campus of York University, which will give us an excuse to take the subway up to the Black Creek station which I still haven’t done. I hear every seat is a great one and that they have a beer garden that rivals the one at Lamport as well so will head up there when the season opens and report back!

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