Our Walk-in Closet Consignment Store

The first designer dress I ever purchased was a vintage one, from an incredible consignment store in Toronto called Our Walk-in Closet Consignment. It was a cocktail-length Oscar de la Renta and it was on sale for $25. At the time, Sex and the City was airing and I was obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker’s fashion, and this dress felt very Carrie. I wore it to a New Year’s Eve party, to host a gala, for Halloween a few times (once as Carrie) and every time I would see the purple tulle peeking out from the party dress section of my closet, I felt very happy. There is nothing better than a fabulous vintage find, and Our Walk in Closet Consignment is one of the best places to shop secondhand in Toronto.

Our Walk-In Closet Consignment in Etobicoke

Owner Cyndi Bodanis curates a beautiful selection of preloved fashion. Everything is in excellent condition, and the pieces are high quality. There are countless designer items that come through this shop, from Cavalli to Chloe to Miu Miu to Balenciaga.

The windows are the best. It’s always a treat to walk by and see what fabulous treasures will be on display. Sometimes it’s a Gucci hoodie, or a Canada Goose jacket, or Jimmy Choo pumps. What I love is that it’s always different styles; luxurious and beautiful quality. And if you happen to be walking your very friendly Lab and can’t wait to try something on because you know it is going to get snapped up fast; this is a pet-friendly boutique.

Below; a flashback to my fairy princess Oscar de la Renta. Our Walk-in Closet Consignment is closed Sundays. 625 The Queensway, Etobicoke.

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