Allies of Skin Valentine’s BOGO Deal: Code Loveday

A lovely Valentine’s Day deal for Scoop readers for this gorgeous skin care line. But first, a little background on the Allies of Skin founder, Nicolas Travis, who created the line in 2016 out of necessity to treat his own skin problems. He was frustrated with the lack of transparency in the skincare industry, with many products containing questionable ingredients and making false claims. With a background in biochemistry, Nicolas was determined to create a brand that would prioritize the use of only the best and purest ingredients. He was committed to formulating products that would deliver real results and improve the health of the skin.

Through his work with Allies of Skin, Nicolas has revolutionized the skincare industry and helped countless customers achieve their best skin yet. He is a true innovator in the field and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with skincare. Today, Allies of Skin is a thriving brand, with a loyal following of customers who swear by its products.

The Peptides & Omegas firming eye cream is one of their bestsellers. It’s brightening, light and really depuffs. Other favourites include the Molecular Barrier Recovery cream (known as the bandage balm) and the Promise Keeper Nightly Blemish Blemish Treatment, designed specifically to help clear and prevent breakouts. There is a buy one get one free deal on right now which is a perfect opportunity to explore all these top sellers. You can add any pair of products to your cart and get the lower-priced item for free, for up to five pairs. Use the code LOVEDAY during checkout. Until February 15th.

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